Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Long time since I've been here

Sorry for being away to long. But I found my way back to blogger so I guess I should start with just about anything. For starters between where I left off and where I am is so far apart. Yet still in the same place. My thoughts are still a mess of where I'm going and am I doing it right? For starters there is no right. Not with the monkey wrench I was thrown. I've made tha best of it or at least I want to believe I have. My experience has taught me it's not easy. I work and go to school. I'm always discouraged it seems there is no fast fix for starting over. The toughest is work. I settled for a retail spot, it pays enought to keep me afloat. But it would never support us. So I took the plunged and signed up for a Medical Assisting program in hopes that would give us the finanical backing to be on our own. But even in school I feel like it won't be enough and I'm running low on everything faith, time, patience and help. My journey is mostly alone, I don't have a close knit group of friends. I don't have a special anybody in my life. So yea getting a bestie to help with advice is hard when there isn't one. I guess now you'll be that person I tell.

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