Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Long time since I've been here

Sorry for being away to long. But I found my way back to blogger so I guess I should start with just about anything. For starters between where I left off and where I am is so far apart. Yet still in the same place. My thoughts are still a mess of where I'm going and am I doing it right? For starters there is no right. Not with the monkey wrench I was thrown. I've made tha best of it or at least I want to believe I have. My experience has taught me it's not easy. I work and go to school. I'm always discouraged it seems there is no fast fix for starting over. The toughest is work. I settled for a retail spot, it pays enought to keep me afloat. But it would never support us. So I took the plunged and signed up for a Medical Assisting program in hopes that would give us the finanical backing to be on our own. But even in school I feel like it won't be enough and I'm running low on everything faith, time, patience and help. My journey is mostly alone, I don't have a close knit group of friends. I don't have a special anybody in my life. So yea getting a bestie to help with advice is hard when there isn't one. I guess now you'll be that person I tell.

Monday, June 27, 2011

My how time goes by when choas ensues

Well a lot has gone on, yet again. My K has been moved to another hospital for treatment of her depression, she doing better. But the place she is at is not as nice as the place she was at. Work is going good study 20 hours is the norm for me, which helps pay bills and keep us afloat. School I had a break the last two weeks and starts back up today, so glad I could use a distraction. Stilling trying to figure out the direction I need to go in as life is full of surprises all the time. To bad it won't surprise me with flowers and dinner instead. LOL. I don't think I've ever had that(flowers and dinner). See how crazy my life has been. I started a note on my facebook about stuff I need to try or do. Kinda like my own bucket list. It is to funny some things I've never done or lacked doing. Guess I should revamp my list on here and add all that I left off, on another post. Well off to start my day, things to do peeps to see.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A new hello

So I decided to revamp things on my blog. Out with the old and in with the new. So I thought my first post will be an introduction into my life. First, I'm a thirty four year old mother of five kids(yes, I said that correct five kids). I was once a stay at home mother I also had home schooled when things were hard for one on the kids. That went well all things considering. He has improved so much since he had to make the transition back to public school. Well they all did this past school year and they all did great.
See back in 2009 my now ex husband decided he was above us and the law. Went and did something very unfair to many people. Stealing a virtue, disgusting choice. The life that is now shattered by it. Well he also flaunted himself with other female/s and said it was over between us, he could have saved me and the kids a lot of heartache by just leaving us from the get go. But then he couldn't play the distressed in need of love type of guy. Funny thing is I didn't find out anything till it was much to late. But since he decided to save face and take a plea. Life has been a journey one of learning, faith and determination.
I moved the kids and I out of the rental right away and in with family. Started job searching. Got a lucky break when the church I attend hired me for part time child care. That helped since I've been out of the work force for thirteen years. Then another blessing San Antonio College Women's Center had a scholarship program with the city of San Antonio for a Business Office class. So I was able to attend a five week class to prepare me for entry into the workforce. Enjoyed it and did very well learning the whole computer stuff I decided to attend some more continuing education classes in hopes of finding something else I may enjoy. So now I work part time in retail and taking some classes at SAC for medical front office. Strange as it may seem I'm glad I have been able to go on this journey, no matter how hard it may be for me some days. I just think of the day when everything will fall into place.
Now this blog may contain tidbits of personal experience and true story, may not be suitable for everyone as the life lessons thrown my way are now easily handled. Learning and finding myself have been the biggest adventure to me in recent months. I hope that you may be blessed in this journey with me as the tale has many twists and turns and life just isn't what it use to be. Off to live it.....LIFE